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Original Question – Select and identify a law, executive order, or regulation that provides organizations with guidance in the administration of their compensation programs? How does this law protect the organization and the employees? Do believe that this law needs to be modified? If so, how? Are there areas that are currently not address that need to be?)

Discussion 1:

The one I chose was the Disability discrimination act of 1990. I am dealing with this and trying to find a fair job that will let you work and not just treat you like a lesser person I found to be hard. Since I am in a chair, I was told that I couldn’t reach things that need to be reached for the job. I have been told that there is no space for me due to the lack of accessibility in certain places. This was retail to let you know I was law enforcement before having neurological and muscular issues. I knew I had to stop working it due to safety concerns. I stopped on my own and was not forced out of Corrections. After it has been hard just trying to find work, I am here getting a degree in HRM. It will help me work and find ways to change some laws like this one to help Disabled individuals like me move forward and open more doors to places that only do the minimum for us. I think that this act needs to be looked at again and updated to the point that it needs to be fair for us. I have been to many places recently that do not have accommodations for the Disabled community like myself and it needs to change not only for the people who work there but also for the people who shop and stay at a hotel even. Laws need to change, and people need to stop looking at us like we are lesser and can not do the job functions.

Discussion 2:

The Department of Labor’s website discusses the compensatory benefits associated with statute 8104 as it pertains to Vocational Rehabilitation for Federal Employees. This statue exists in the Division of Federal Employee’s Compensation and derives its authority ultimately through the Federal Employee Compensation Act (FECA). Essentially this regulations states that the Secretary of Labor may direct permanently disabled Federal employees to receive Vocational Rehabilitation benefits paid for with employee compensation funds. At its heart, this protection of compensatory benefits translates to the ability of a legally and duly classified disabled federal employee, the opportunity to receive training in a different career field that is more accommodating or easily accessed as a result of their disability in federal employment.

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