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-Discuss the systemic factors Elizabeth White discusses that have caused a huge and significant retirement savings income gap. What are they? What happened to them? How did they change savings compared to what used to happen? How did responsibility shift – from whom to whom? What happened to risk when responsibility shifted and why does this matter? (5-7 sentences)

-d) What is the 3-legged retirement income stool? Why do you think it would be important to have more than one source of retirement income?
-f) Discuss what you think White means when stating “I’m ready now to link shields with others” in terms of change – what is her advocacy strategy here?

3) Using the story of Bayard Rustin as your base from which to draw the following question: use this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJcUnXTaCgU
b) The statement, “Every community needs a group of angelic troublemakers” and what it means to you. After 4-7 sentence description, give a worded example of such an event in modern culture (2000-2022).

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