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1 “Nightsong City  The poem starts as if it were a love poem addressed to a person.  At which point to you realize that line 1 is “figurative” and the “love” refers to is the city the speaker calls home?
“Harlem” poem
Explain how you feel that each of the comparisons is effective and meaningful in this Hughes poem.

“The Road Not Taken” poem
This poem is often read as a poem about not conforning to
the majority, taking the road that most people do not take.
Frost was hesitant about this reading.
What other reading or readings could you give to the poem?
“Buffalo Bill ‘s”poem

What is the effect on meaning to put individual words on
separatelines, to break lines and situate words
at unexpected places, and to jam words together?
Tell us about your interpretation of this poem.
(You should read it aloud first.)

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