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The market research you conducted should now guide you in the next phase of creating your marketing plan. You are ready to paint a customer profile, state the service value proposition, and assess the competitive environment. You will use the information from this activity in your upcoming marketing presentation.

Review your market research and consider the following questions:
Customer Profile: What are the important characteristics of your target market?
Value Proposition: What are the features, benefits, or differentiation of your client’s services?
Competition: Who is serving the community with similar or complimentary services?
Note: In this learning activity you will create an informal brief that is well-organized and clearly presented; however, it does not need to adhere to strict formatting requirements. Use Strayer Writing Standards if you require guidance, but it is not required.

Create a three-page brief that will contribute information to the marketing plan presentation that you will create in the next assignment. Do the following:

Describe your client’s service, its features, its benefits, and what makes it different.
Describe the target market and customer profile.
Demographics, income, education, location, etc.
Assess the competitive environment including:
The competitors and services within your defined competitive area.

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