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  1. Creating an Access database.
  2. Managing a database.
  3. Create and modify tables.
  4. Modify field properties.
  5. Defining table relationships. PROJECT DESCRIPTION
    For many years people have been following the NCAA tournament. Since there is a need to have this information readily accessible, we need to convert a previous paper-based system into a stored database. We will do this using an Access database. The first step in this conversion is dividing the information into different tables.

You will be creating a NEW database from scratch. This activity and all those associated with it are for you to go through creating a database and to review all tasks associated with doing so. Please take heed to do everything exactly as it is given including saving with the correct file names. Based on what you have learned in the lessons, you should have found out that even spelling has to be accurate in MS Access.


  1. Create a new MS Access database. Save it in to your computer or other destination using the following protocol: lastname_NCAA (for example, Henry_NCAA), (2) modify the database based on the instructions, (3) save your work, and (4) submit the completed file to your Assignments Folder in our CMST 100F Classroom.
  2. Import the Teams.xlsx file as a new table to your database. (see attachment for Teams.xlsx file). The following site will also help you with the import process.

a. First row contains column headings.
b. In a new table.
c. Make no changes to any of the fields.
d. Make the “Team Name” field your primary key.
e. Save the table as Teams.
f. Close the table after you have correctly imported it.

  1. Create a new table with the following fields;

FieldName FieldType Format/Other Items
Conference Text Primary Key
Team Name Text Short Text

  1. Save the table as Conferences.
  2. Open the table in Datasheet view and enter the following information about the NCAA Conferences:


Team Name


Abilene Christian Wildcats


Air Force Falcons

American East

Alabama Crimson Tide

Atlantic 10

Arizona Wildcats

Atlantic Sun

Baylor Bears

Big 10

Buffalo Bulls

Big 12

Campbell Fighting Camels

Big East

Charleston Cougars

Big Sky

Duke Blue Devils

Big South

East Tennessee State Buccaneers

Big Ten

Eastern Washington Eagles

Big Twelve

Fairleigh Dickerson Knights

Big West

Florida Atlantic Owls


Florida Gators

Conf USA

Florida State Seminoles


Georgia State Panthers

Ivy League

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


Colgate Raiders

Mid American


Missouri Valley

Hofstra Pride

Mountain West

Houston Cougars


Jacksonville Dolphins

Ohio Valley

Kansas State Wildcats


LSU Tigers

Patriot League



Maryland Terrapins


Michigan State Spartans


Murray State Racers


Murray State Racers

Sun Belt

New Mexico State Aggies


Norfolk State Spartans

West Coast

North Carolina Tar Heels

  1. Save and close the table.
  2. Create a table with the following fields:

FieldName FieldType Format/Other Items

LastName Text Primary Key
Position Lookup Wizard Create w/ the following options
– Guard, Forward, Center (Hint: (HINT: Select “I will type the values that I want.” Click Next. Then type in the 3 options
Team Name Text Size of 20
PPG Number Double
Rebounds Number Double

  1. Save the table as Players.
  2. Open the table in Datasheet view and enter the following information for the Players Table using the example below:

a. Complete the table using names and information for 10 players.
b. Use at least five of the team names from the Teams Table.

LastName Position TeamName PPG Rebounds
Anthony Cowan Jr. Guard Maryland Terrapins 15.6 3.7

  1. Save and close the table. RELATIONSHIPS
  2. Click the Relationship button on the Database tools tab.
  3. Add all three tables in the database, Teams, Conferences, and Players to the Relationships window.
  4. Create a relationship between the Teams table and the Players table using the TeamName field. Make sure the following is true for this new relationship:

a. It is a One-to-Many relationship..

  1. Create a relationship between the Teams table and the Conference table using the “Conference” field. Make sure the following is true for this new relationship:

a. It is a One-to-Many relationship .

b. Enforce Referential Integrity is selected.
c. Cascade Update Related Fields is selected.
d. Cascade Delete Related Records is selected.

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