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PBL Exercise – Designing an ethical, professional, effective employee survey process

GSBS6040 Human Resource Management, Tri 2, 2015

PBL Exercise – Designing an ethical, professional, effective employee survey process

You work in Jollibee, a multinational fast-food chain with its head office in the Philippines, in the People Management Department.

Jollibee has run surveys of employees in the past, with mixed success. However, senior managers are keen to try again, and they have given you the task of investigating the feasibility and value of an employee survey.

A friend has shown you a copy of a survey that they’re using at his work (see attached), but you’re not sure how reliable or valid it is. In fact, as you investigate, you find lots of conflicting information about
• what an employee survey should measure;
• which makes a ‘good’ employee survey, and why;
• what managers can expect from a survey, and what responsibilities they have;
• concerns expressed by employees/unions about how survey data are used; and
• the scepticism of many academics about the value of such surveys, and how they are used.

Your job is to construct a plan to run a survey of Jollibee employees internationally. This plan might include issues such as:
• What you expect the employee survey can achieve, and how
• What some of the challenges are in effective administration of the survey
• Costs, risks, and potential difficulties, and how you would manage them
• Expected or possible benefits, and how you would deliver them
• (and, very importantly) How you will know if the survey has been run ethically and professionally.

If your plan includes use of a particular survey, and you have a copy, please append it to your assignment.

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