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Instructions :
Please write it carefully, considering this feedback from the tutor
As a general comment, aim to make sure you go into detail to unpick the challenges you identify and consider if they could be approached in a different way to make them less of a challenge.  The key to this assessment is to be selective and focus giving a detailed analysis of the situation rather than a general comment which has little value.

I have suggested a some answers for the question please develop it. Also, you might consider giving a real time example, like we were in group consist of four three Qatari students and one Indian British girl we were in a group doing an assignment about energy crisis UK analysis  , please consider that each entry should be equivalent to 500 words, please consider using a good reflective language that might draw conclusions form actions and can broad the thinking perspective, as well as following the marking criteria bellow I am aiming for first,
PLEASE as the deadline is near, I am aiming for 0% similarity the university is so strict in terms of this thing

Continuous Professional Development Journal

Learning Outcomes Assessed
•    Reflect on their own assumptions about organization and the knowledge, beliefs and values that underpin and legitimise their individual practice.

The assessment requires:
•    Students to maintain a CPD Journal which reflects on your own developmental practices as an emergent manager.
•    The CPD Journal is equivalent of 2,500 words: 5 entries, each approximately 500 words (+/- 10%)
•    The CPD Journal is your opportunity to demonstrate your individual development throughout the term.
•    Submission is due 1st May 2015 via Blackboard

The journal is an opportunity to reflect on and demonstrate your managerial development. For example:
o    demonstrate the ability to support the development of peers through respect for group and interpersonal differences
o    ability to support the development of peers through clear and lucid verbal and graphic communication;
o    ability to support collective work and the development of peers through personal application;
o    ability to work without supervision on a given task.

Marking criteria     Continuous Professional Development Journal     (70% Overall)

Learning Outcome(s)    Fail
0-35    Borderline
35-40    Third
40-49    Lower Second
50-59    Upper Second
60-69    First
Reflect on your own assumptions about organizational innovation and the knowledge, beliefs and values that underpin and legitimise these beliefs.    The journal does not reflect on emergent managerial skills.
The journal typically does not reflect on your practice of innovation.
It is likely you have misunderstood the role of the journal.
The teaching team are more than willing to help, please use your tutors for feedback on the work and pointers for development.    Unfocused.
The journal is limited to justifying behaviour.
It seems that the student has clearly made an effort but is not yet sufficiently aware of the module to understand what is required.
See support and clarification from your tutor
This journal shows clear effort.
Typically reflections are on the value of your contribution to group work.
Typically this reflection is rather instrumental.
To improve this grade you should begin to develop a stronger working relationship with peers and your tutor, use these relationships to capitalise on your learning opportunities.     There is evidence of reflecting on your own experiences in a valuable way.
Descriptions of your experiences are made, reflection is close but underplayed.
There is limited connection between your own practices and managerial skill development.
To improve grade you need to consider how your practices are developing your managerial skills

Shows ability to reflect on personal behaviour and experiences.
You have considered how your behaviour is valuable for the development of managerial skills.
You are able to identify, through reflection, practices which support the development of managerial skill.
To improve, you need to consider what constitutes as ‘good’ managerial skills and how they are developed.    This has taken time and required you think in depth about your performances of innovation.
You have reflected on what constitutes ‘good’ managerial skills.
You reflect in detail on the values and beliefs which underpin your behaviour.
Critical thinking clearly evident.

Continuous Professional Development Appraisal Schedule

Each entry should be approximately 500 words.
The submission is due 1st May 2015 (4pm), to be submitted via Turn-it-in.
The CPD Appraisal counts for 70% of your overall grade.

Note: There you should use the private online Journal to update your CPD Appraisal throughout the Term

WC    Week    Prompts for Appraisal
2nd February    20    •    What new skills and experiences have you acquired in the past 12 months?
Time management (deadlines)
, Academic writing (in essays, and reports)
, Knowledge about cross cultural (working in a diverse team )
And please add if it needed
•    What skills do you want to develop throughout this inquiry?

Increasing volunteering skills, by joining SU
Learning how to overcome cross cultural issues
And please add if it needed

2nd March    24    •    What challenges have you experienced during the inquiry?
Working with diverse teams, stress, multi tasks managing such as many of the deadlines were together
•    How have you addressed these challenges?
Understanding the differences, being confident, have a time managements skills to manage the deadline

16th March    26    •    How is your group managing the inquiry?
Working well together, integrating within the group, improvement in terms of commination
•    What are your preferred roles/tasks/skills within the group?
Leader, decision maker (I was representative in high schools ), to manage the group task in order to fill the gap

13th April    30    •    What has been your biggest mistake during this project?
Having narrow literature reading within the academic subjects
•    What have you learnt from it?
•    Reading is vital to broad the thinking and have perspective thinking

27th April    32    •    What have you found most valuable during this experience?
Being a part in diverse groups, adapting personality in order to succeed in a task
•    What business skills have you learnt from the inquiry?
Please advice,

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