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The outline of your term paper should be one and a half to three double spaced pages, 12 point font, normal margins. It should have the following components:

  1. One paragraph explaining what issue you will be writing about and why you think it is interesting and important.
  2. Author, title, and one-paragraph summary of a required reading of your choice. This will be the reading that you intend to focus on in your term paper. What is the reading about? What is its main argument?
  3. One-paragraph explanation of an objection to the main argument of the required reading you’ve chosen.
  4. One-paragraph explanation of a possible defense of the argument against the objection.
  5. List of additional readings you will use, including author, title, and short summary of what each reading is about (5 to 10 sentences per reading). Additional readings can be anything else from this class or something you have found from outside the class, as long as the readings are relevant.
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