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poster proposal presentation

Content Of Poster Minimal structure Some structure Adequately structured and organised Good structure and organisation Well structured and organised + clear focus + novelty of ideas 12%
Impact Of Poster
Little attempt to present information in any sort of a meaningful way Too much / too little detail Clear but ordinary Clear + interesting Creative
+effectively presents info from categories below High degree of novelty and creativity clearly evident 10%
3 Minute Sell Unconvincing Some persuasion, but ambiguous Clear but uninspiring Clear and holds attention Effective sell of the poster Professional 3 minute sell (sold!!) 10%
Source, Range, Variety Of References
Very few A few standard sources acknowledged +more varied sources +wide range clearly used Wide variety of sources, well referenced +significant sources outside focus of topic 10%
Description And Analysis Of Topic Area Poor description Some description Most elements identified, clear description +some rationale All key elements identified,
+rationale for choice +demonstration of balanced analysis
+ originality 12%
Information Needs + Data Structures Those identified not relevant to the topic Some info needs identified +some reference to impact on data structures +more extensive coverage +demonstrate understanding of relevance +some new/insights / relevancies 12%
Database Usage: DBMS Some trivial reference to role of the DBMS Some valid references to DBMS
Appropriate features identified and related +evaluated Wide ranging,
+relevant +thoughtful, insightful 12%

Database Usage:
Processing Some trivial reference to the nature of processing Some valid reference to processing A range of processing needs examined and presented A good range of processing needs examined and presented +demonstrate understanding of relevance +novelty/insight 12%
Future Directions
Little attempt to present any ideas Brief description of a few ideas Range of suggestions, safe and standard Broad range of suggestions, some innovation Good range of suggestions with evidence of argument Future directions suggest insight and high level of innovation and/or thoughtful analysis 10%

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