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practical 2

1)    Fill in the table on the report Doc with the data entered in Class and also use data from the     Data Excel File and calculate the estimated Max Force for all materials on page 1.
The best way to do this is to use the data to generate EXCEL PLOTS. I.E. Copy the file, then    delete the material data for the samples that you are not going to use.
Then Insert extra columns and calculate the STRESS and STRAIN from the Force and     EXTENSION data.
Then generate two Excel plots. One for Force/Extension and one for Stress/Strain

2)    For the Report Doc Tabulate the Raw Data for your polymer sample and put that in the top     row, then choose three other test samples to fill in the other three rows for the     Force/Extension table.
3)     Do the same for the Stress/Strain Section.
4)    Complete the rest of the Prac write up and don’t forget to put in references.

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