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RES 321 – Summative Course Project – Part 7
Module 7 Deliverable: Formulate, utilizing a clinical scenario, the dynamics of special circumstances in airway management.

The clinical setting poses significant challenges with the diversity of patients. Understanding special circumstances and the interventions that best facilitate successful outcomes are essential for the practitioner to be well versed in care. From your research outline the uniqueness of one of the special circumstances. The special circumstance Iwant used is the pregnant patient and how the airway changes, what notice that will make it a difficult airway, how to alleviate the complications associated with the difficulty, how to secure the airway, what special circumstances should be considered with the pregnant patient as in the respiratory rate should be increased on the ventilator. Evaluate the differences that make the special circumstance a significant challenge for adequate airway management. Once you have explained the circumstance, summarize the techniques, procedures, and/or tactics that would best alleviate the challenges. Use evidence-based practice as described in your text and/or other sources to justify your response.

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