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Choose 1 of the artworks listed below (they
are also listed in the Analysis Paper Assignment Resources below the
link to these instructions) and develop a 2 page analysis paper that focuses on
the principles and elements of art creation as they are used in the chosen

  1. Dr. Gachet

Van Gogh,
Vincent. Dr. Gachet. Painting. Britannica ImageQuest.

  1. Reflection of the Big Dipper

Jackson. Reflection of the Big Dipper. Painting. Britannica ImageQuest. 1946.

  1. Arnolfini Wedding

Eyck, Jan van. Arnolfini
Wedding. Painting. Britannica ImageQuest. 1434.

The format for the paper must follow the basic
guidelines below:

Include all pertinent information about the piece, artist, medium, size,
subject, art movement, etc.

What is the subject matter? What do you see?

Analysis: Describe, as best
you can, the artist’s technique used in the piece.

Conclusion: Your own informed opinion about the work.
What you say here must be supported by your analysis above.

Page: Reference
page with at least 3 sources.

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