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Sue is a healthy vegan vegetarian. If Sue weighs 130 lb, (RDA = 0.8g/kg; To convert pounds to kg take weight in pounds divided by 2.2) what is her protein needs? g. Plan a one day vegan menu for Sue that meets her protein needs.

Plant Protein Source g of Protein
Veggie patty 11g
1 cup Soy Milk 7
Grain Products
1 whole wheat bagel 6
1 whole English muffin, mixed grain 6
1 large flour tortilla 6
1 cup Brown Rice-Long Grain 5
5 wheat crackers 1
1 cup pasta 7
1 cup oatmeal 6
2 slices whole wheat bread 6
½ cup low fat granola 5
Starchy Vegetables
1 cup corn 5
1 medium baked potato 4
½ cup tofu 10
1 cup lentils 18
1 cup kidney beans 15
1 cup vegetables 4
1 Fruit 1
Nuts & Seeds
2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter 8
¼ c. peanuts 9
¼ c. sunflower seeds 7

You must plan your menu to include good sources of the nutrients often deficient in vegetarian diets:
Calcium: Dark green leafy veg, tofu prepared w/ calcium, Ca fortified OJ
Iron: dried beans, dark green veg., dried fruits, fortified breads & cereals
Zinc: Breads & grains, wheat germ, beans & lentils, tofu
Vitamin B-12: fortified cereals, meat analogs, fortified soymilk, Nutritional yeast
Vitamin D: fortified cereals or soymilk
Use the table of plant proteins above to guide you, include 3 meals and one snack.
Foods Protein grams

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