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Quality issues of water and electricity according to adwea

Assessment 3.1
Name of Student:
A. Write the following:
1.    Research Problem (in the previous report “ quality issues in the Modern World”)
2.    Research Objectives (in the previous report “ quality issues in the Modern World”)
3.    Research Instrument (Survey Questionnaire 10 Standard survey Questionnaire and 10 Interview Guide)
1.    Part 1: Personal Information part (Name, Age, Gender, Name of Branch, Job position, etc.)
2.    Part 2: Question proper
For those who use Standard Survey Questionnaire
a.    Must have  Instruction on how to answer the survey
b.    Ten (10) relevant questions and corresponding responses
For those who will use Interview (Interview Guide)
a.    Ten (10) relevant questions
b.    Additional Follow up questions, if Needed
c.    Mention how long will the  interview be made for each person/respondent
Note: If you shall use a written survey instrument, you must indicate if
a.    You have personally  prepared it (Self-made)
b.    Modified existing Questionnaire (mention who the author is and in what study was this done)
c.    You have completely  copied/used it (mention the author; you need to justify why this is suited for your study)
B. Report to the Teacher if required after the feedback is made in the BBLearn.

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