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You are to design and simulate a resonant dc-dc converter that consists of a resonant inverter and a high-frequency rectifier.
use a series-parallel full-bridge resonant inverter of Figure 8.19.
Select a suitable HF rectifier from Chapters 2 through 5 to match your inverter.

For all designs, the output voltage is Vo = 48 V.

Your full output power is Pomax = [20(5)] watts and your input voltage is Vs = 10(5) volts.

Show current and voltage waveforms in selected switches and passive components at Pomax and 50% of Pomax adjusting manually your control input (frequency or phase) to maintain the constant output voltage. You may get bonus points for implementing a simple controller (for instance, PI) to adjust your output in a closed-loop.

Use reasonable values of parasitic resistances and switch output capacitances to account for conduction and switching losses. Measure the efficiency of your simulated circuit and identify the lossiest components. You may neglect the gate-drive loss by using ideal voltage sources to drive the MOSFETs.

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