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A risk factor is a variable associated with an increased risk of disease, mental health
challenges, academic delays, developmental delays, poor relationships or
boundary-setting, etc.
This should address a specific risk factor, clearly explain why it is a risk factor, and offer
quick guidance on how to combat it/overcome it, move the needle forward to decrease
the risk, or where to go for support and resources. Think of empowering them with
information and actionable steps!
● You will have the option to be creative by creating an awareness campaign
○ An ad that can go on buses, freeway signs, benches
○ A Tik-Tok video or set of Instagram slides
○ A YouTube or facebook video where you share PowerPoint slides
or get creative with how you visually demonstrate the material
(don’t just record yourself talking).
○ An interactive webpage or PDF (with working links)
● If you have the consent of others, they may also appear in your campaign but
you have to do the work of coming up with the content, script, editing, etc.
● In true form, campaigns are meant to be disseminated widely, captivating so
that they get your message across quickly, easily shareable and accessible.
● This is a useful exercise because social media and technology play an
important role in reaching parents and children/adolescents – especially now
that COVID-19 has pushed the need for virtual communication and has
increased isolation for many.

The age of their children. Do you want to
target parents with teens, infants, middle
schoolers, etc
○ The geographic area that they live in. Do you
want to target parents who live in an area with
high levels of air pollution or pesticides? Or
parents with little access to non-processed
○ The social climate and context. Are you
targeting parents in a school district with
depleting funds/resources? Or parents whose
kids may be experiencing heightened levels of
discrimination due to socio-political discourse?
○ Physical (dis)abilities. Do you want to reach
parents of children with a specific physical
need or health challenge (e.g., hard of
hearing, blind, wheelchair-bound)?

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