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• Discuss the idea that public service announcements are an effective communication tool for advocacy.

  1. Give and explore examples.
  2. Include the concept of using popular people such as movie stars as the major advocate.

Discussion Board 2: “There Oughta be a Law”
• Propose legislation or a policy that will benefit the public’s health.

  1. Explore the evidence and ethics that lead to your proposed law.
  2. Also explore the potential benefits, support, and opposition to your proposal.
  3. Describe the groups who will support and those who will oppose your proposed law.
  4. Propose a strategy to bring the stakeholders together in a coalition to advocate for the policy.

Discussion Board 3: Negotiation and Mediation
• Create and apply a negotiation and mediation strategy to persuade the political opposition to a position on proposed public health or healthcare legislation aimed at addressing a current organizational or community chall

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