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Analyze one (1) of the cases below using the following instructions:
Describe one academic-related problem/dilemma in the case.
Discuss two solutions for the problem using strategies covered in the textbook or from outside empirical sources. You must correctly cite at least two
sources using APA style in this part of your post.
Discuss at least one lesson you learn about teaching or learning from analyzing the problem.
Jack’s Development
Jack is five years old and in Kindergarten. Once Jack got so upset, he started screaming at his teacher. He thought she was unfair because she gave him
juice in a shorter cup than that of his classmates. The teacher tried to explain to him that he got the same amount of juice as everyone else, but he believed
he got less because his cup was shorter. Jack is also having a hard time in the class because his teacher 1) discourages him and the rest of the class from
talking (to themselves) as they try to work grade level math problems and 2) she provides Jack and the rest of the class math problems that are too
complicated for them and provides them no help to solve them.
Mary’s Differences
Mary is 12 years old and attends XYZ Middle School. She lives with her parents and six other siblings. They currently live in the family van. The family has
been struggling to get a home for the past three years with no luck. They have been living between motels and the van. Mary’s parents don’t work, and on
most days, Mary and her siblings go to school without eating. Most, if not all, of Mary’s classmates, dislike her, and she’s never included in their games during
recess. Moreover, Mary has a reputation for responding to the teacher before the teacher even finishes her questions. She also just tries to do the bare
minimum academically and nothing more. Recently, Mary has spoken to her teacher about figuring out who she is and what she wants to do with her life in
the future.
Your post should be substantive, and your solutions must be supported by empirical evidence that you must cite using APA style formatting.
Please remember that you will need to reply substantively to one (1) other student’s post in this forum using the 3CQ method as follows:
Compliment the original poster (e.g., Thanks for sharing your analysis! I like that…).
Comment (e.g., I agree with you about…; I respect your opinion, but I think…. ).
Connect (connect something in the post to yourself, world, or course content; e.g., I can connect with you about.. I once read a story about… I had the same
thing happen to me…).
Question (Ask a question about something written (e.g., ask who, what, when, where, why).
Your follow-up post must be substantial!
Your first post is due on Thursday by 11:59 pm. Remember you must respond to at least one other classmate’s post. This post is due on Sunday by 11:59 pm.
The forum is worth 14 points.
The requirement of the posts is simple. If you include at least nine of the 13 requirements for the initial post, you earn seven points. You meet at least eight
of the 13 requirements, you score four points, but if your post missed six or more of the requirements or you do not make a post, you get zero points. If you
meet at least seven of the 10 requirements for the follow-up post, you earn seven points. If you meet at least six of the 10, you score four points, but if you
missed five or more of the 10 requirements or make no post, you get zero points.
Importantly, both posts must be between 100-200 words long DONT EXCEED (refers to the body of the post). The Discussion Guidelines and Grading Rubric
outline all post requirements and the grading rubric. You should also carefully review the Sample Posts. Please consult the APA style guide by Dr. Edwards
and KSU Writing Center – APA Style Guides (7th edition) – Scroll down to “Style Specifics” to learn how to properly cite using APA style formatting. You must
start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads. Your first post is due on Thursday by 11:59 pm, and your second post is due on Sunday by
11:59 pm.
Below is a list of credible sources that you may consult for the second part of your initial post. Remember, this is not an exhaustive list; there are other
credible sources that you may also consult:
Psychology today
Any psychology journals
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