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A) There is a moment in the novel
where the creature is “sparked” to life.
Interestingly enough though, while the
creature comes to life, Victor seems to “lose”
some of his. Considering this relationship,
determine the pervasiveness and depth
regarding a) who was, effectively, “brought to
life”, b) relating the metaphorical
representation of life and death through the
relationship of Victor and the creature, c) and
to what extent does “life” and “death” interplay
within their relationship
An Expository essay is a genre of essay that seeks to explore AND explain an idea, concept or
investigate/extrapolate on questions utilizing evidence, from a text or otherwise, to do so. This type of essay is
essential as we use it in our daily lives in numerous different fashions such as when an accident occurs at work
and we have to explain/document it, when the news organizations tells you a story that may be leaving
information out, or in everyday conversations with friends and families that talk about situations they are
experiencing where idea don’t quite connect. We also use the principles of this essay when we are asked to
examine information closely, offer evaluations as responses, and when formulating the basic tenets of
argument. While the Analysis Essay taught the merits of breaking down, Expository essays are the crux of
most of the other argumentative types because the methods you take to explain something is the exact goal of
an essay: to spread the information and to persuade others through your exploration. This genre incorporates
the principles of the analysis process since the subject matter you are discussing has a focus that you have
provided (an assertive thesis), and yet the conventions allow for you to explore it in differing modes.
Your essay should address the sections that has each part stipulated, but this essay is not determining for you
on what direction, thesis, and reasoning you should use as your support. In other words, you are arguing
through exploring and/or explaining your direction you want to go.

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