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Special event management final paper

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Management Master Plan will include your work on an
to prepare a comprehensive
plan that ‘sells’ the
t & guarantees a successful outcome. Explain how you will execute the
t. You
will engage in problem and opportunity definition
, strategy formulation, time estimation, budgeting,
scheduling, resource allocation, time/cost tradeoffs, risk assessment, and establishment of
realistic goals
and objectives.
Be creative in identifying names, titles, and roles in establishing your
credibility with the
sponsor. You
will want a package that is well

organized, user

friendly, self

explanatory, integrated across sections, and
comprehensive. The
Master Plan
should include the following elements:
Title &
Detailed description of the
nature of the event
Purpose, Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives

Include underlying problem
s or opportunities and
description as well as measurable outcomes.
General strategy
Demonstrates that you have considered more than one course of action for selecting
a strategy, and that
you used rational processes for selecting the one that will best meet
the event
mission, goals/objectives.
Description of the target population
Describe the target population? What are their likely attitudes toward the event? What issues are likely to
concern them? What will you do to ensure support from the most important stakeholders? Go beyond the
core team to specify all of the people and associated expertise you will need to develop & execute your
& Advertising
and Lead Generation
What are your branding plans? How will it be done and what is your idea for brand recognition and
retention. Explain how you will incorporate Lead Generation.
Prepare a detailed budget for the event.
What is the
single most important change or improvement that
you would make if money were not restricted?
Risk/uncertainty assessment and contingency plans
What might go wrong and how have you prepared for this? What potential opportunities might you try to
Project performance
Project Performance addresses the monitoring, measurement and management of the project’s scope,
quality, owner satisfaction, customer satisfaction and the interdependent team relationships.
How do you
plan to measure the outcome to
determine if it was a success or
Project closure and Post Mortem
Demonstrate that a certain amount of handoff and closure occurs at each major milestone. How will you
plan, execute, and manage the various aspect of the event? How will you capture
your lessons learned?

My text book is the Event manager’s bible .This paper includes review of previous chapter in my text book must be read so do I….. chapter 1to 12 and 20 to 28 … for the final is chapter 32,33 and 34

MY PROFESSOR sends me this link , she states that it will help to write the final paper.

Dear All,

Please see below additional infromation that coudl be useful in completing your assignment.

The Futile effort of Preparing a Budget

While it may be true that 90% of the time Budgets are exceeded, budgets are necessary as they help to keep a check & balance on the project at hand. A realistic Budget helps as a Cost Control measure, once it is being monitored. Preparing a budget might seem like a futile effort but it becomes your financial bible in project planning & event management.

The Event Budget

The most important aspect of event planning is to build a basic budget for the event. The budget determines the relevance, significance, and extravagance of the event. As an effective event planner, you must be able to create an imaginative and effective event on a shoestring budget. Normally, the budget should depend on the nature of the event, the expected number of guests, the type of venue and the impact you are aiming to make on your target audience.

Features of a Successful Budget

1. Include categories that fit the event and a realistic expenditure budget, not a wish list.

2. Prepare accurate income projections.

3. Create enough categories to provide a clear picture of the required expenses and where you might be able to cut costs.

4. Make an allocation for miscellaneous expenses, which cannot be predicted.

5. Review the categories to determine the necessary items which are a priority, review the expenses, and find creative ways to trim costs in each category.

6. Track and record cash expenditure. Cash spending is the biggest leak in most budgets. Cash disappears quickly and if you do not keep track of every expense, you will have a distorted overview of your expenses.

7. Include a line item for savings in order to show a positive return on investment.

8. Keep Realistic Expectations. Budgeting is not about tracking your costs; it is about setting financial goals and finding ways to meet them. Without goals, your budget is just a pair of handcuffs and unrealistic expectations can kill a budget.

9. Identify spending patterns not included in the original budget plan.

10. Maintain your internal motivation and a positive attitude. If you lose that motivation, you become complacent. Complacency lends itself to a less responsible approach to adhering to a budget.

Part B: Risk Assessment

Risk/uncertainty assessment and contingency plans

What might go wrong and how have you prepared for this?

What potential opportunities might you try to exploit?

Where are You Taking Risks?

The future is risky. Deciding to use social media to promote your business, augment your internal collaboration, or other uses is risky. It is untested, or not very tested. Event Planning in the 21st Century is different from previous centuries. It is risky to convince people that ads do not work well when the advertising industry selling ads have shown very profitable numbers. The Superbowl ad rates can attest to that fact.

Where are your risks?

What are you doing to move over that crazy divide?

How are you readying yourself for the inevitable fall on the face that comes with not being 100% certain?

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