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You may have heard that chronic stress is the “silent killer.” The effects of stress can wreak havoc on our bodies internally without us knowing. For this assignment, you will analyze your stress level and develop a plan the lower your daily and long-term stress.


Take some time to think about the stressors you have in your life.
o Identify three stressors you experience on a daily basis. Explain each

stressor as it relates to your life and why it adds stress.

Choose three foods you can add to your diet that will help with stress reduction.

o Include specific information about why you chose these foods. List your resources.

Choose three foods you would eliminate to help with stress reduction. o Explain why you would eliminate these foods.

Describe an exercise plan that you would like to incorporate into your routine. o Explain why you chose this plan, how many times per week you will

include the routine, and what benefits you are looking to achieve.

Explain what is meant by the Mind-Body Connection.

o What would you like to include in your mind-body routine?

o How often will you do this routine?

o What benefits are you looking to achieve from this routine?

o Set up a plan for how you will incorporate more ounces over the next month. Be specific and explain your reasoning.

• Lastly, explain how you think incorporating all of these changes will help you to improve your “whole self” outside of just the stressors you are experiencing.

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