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Supply Chain Management

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MBA 635 Final Exam Paper:
The final assignment this semester is to write a paper in which you will work individually to
investigate a trending topic in Operations and Supply Chain Management that is of specific
interest to you. Choose a topic that is trending, i.e. appearing with greater frequency in the
business press. This may be a topic that is currently an important issue in your workplace, or a
topic that caught your interest in the readings this semester. For example, supply chain security
has become important in recent years, as has re-insourcing of operations, and new technologies
in logistics – these are just a few examples of an appropriately scoped topic.
This assignment involves selecting, reading, and synthesizing themes and concepts from at least
three full-length articles. For your sources, draw from the practitioner literature/trade
publications (e.g. SC Management Review, Industry Week, etc – see
http://www.logisticslist.com/logistics-publications.html) for a list), and from general business
periodicals (e.g. Forbes, Fortune, Economist, Bloomberg Business Week, Wall Street Journal,
New York Times, etc.). Don’t forget to look to the professional associations (e.g. ISM, APICS,
CSCMP, etc.) for articles that appear on their website and in their magazines.
The final deliverable is a 1500-2000 word paper (3-4 single spaced pages). Be sure to:
? include a short history and motivation for the topic that explains why this topic has
become important in OM
? demonstrate knowledge of readings, including the Schroeder text as well as your selected
? develop a well-structured framework for synthesizing and reporting your topic
? organize your findings in a logical fashion
? relate the sources you select to the concepts and constructs you learned this semester
Grading criteria for this assignment are based on content (70%), clarity of writing (20%), and
mechanics (10%). The report is to be single spaced, using 12-point font and 1” margins. Please
include a document header with the name of the assignment and your name.
This paper is due on the final exam date. Please submit your paper electronically to this link, and
then be prepared to briefly discuss what you learned writing this last paper during the required
final exam period.

Those are the directions straight from my professor. I’d like you to pick supply Chain Manangment as your topic. You need to get sources from what she stated in the instructions. Also use the text book we used Operations Management in the Supply Chain: Decisions and Cases, 6th Edition, (2013) by Roger
G Schroeder, M. Johnny Rungtusanatham, and Susan Meyer Goldstein, McGraw-Hill Irwin, ISBN-13
9780073525242. Be sure to get the 6th edition, it has a burgundy and gold cover.

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