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Support performance Management

Assessment Note-taking Sheet

This document contains the assessment questions that you will find in the assessments in your course. You may use this document to take notes and compose answers.
You may NOT submit this document in place of the assessments; it is a working file only.

Unit code:    BSBHRM403B
Unit name:    Support performance management processes
Assessment 1    1
Assessment 2    3
Assessment 3    4

Assessment 1
Question 1
Visit www.seek.com.au and find a job advertisement ad (preferably one that describes your current job role) and copy it into Word.
. I have visited www.seek.com.au and below is a Job Advertisement ad

Employment Consultant (Part time) – Dubbo
•    Part time position (up to 22 hours per week)
•    Our new program based in Dubbo
•    Position description available at www.breakthru.org.au
Join our new program and be part of an innovative team assisting people with an Acquired Brain Injury to return to work or find new employment.
Break Thru is a national not-for-profit organisation committed to empowering people to create their own futures and be included in their communities. Through the provision of our I Am Able programs, we enable thousands of people experiencing disability every year to be included in their communities and achieve meaningful work.

We are seeking suitable candidates with vocational rehabilitation or disability experience, particularly working with people who have a brain injury.  We have a network of similar services currently operating in regional NSW and our expanding business requires passionate, committed and innovative people.
As a part-time Employment Consultant (up to 22 hrs./week) you will work with participants and local employers to create work trials leading to sustainable employment.

•    Knowledge/passion in creating employment opportunities for people with disability
•    Sound understanding of using a person centred approach to achieve employment goals
•    Demonstrated ability to understand and meet the needs of local employers
•    Ability to partner with all stakeholders including participants, employers and clinicians

•    Competitive salary packaging
•    Reward & recognition programs
•    Flexible working arrangements
For more information, please visit our website for the Position Description & Selection Criteria or contact Daniella Restuccia on (02) 8884 3079.
If this sounds like you, click ‘APPLY’ now button and attach your resume and cover letter outlining why you should be considered for our team.

You will be asked the following questions when you apply:
•    How many years experience do you have in a similar role?
•    When are you available to start?
•    What is your expected annual salary?
•    Do you have a relevant degree or tertiary qualification?

Review the job ad and list the parts of the job ad that are not included and parts that could be improved.
Question 2
Complete the job ad so that it includes all of the necessary components you suggested.
Question 3
In order for a performance management system to be effective, the employee’ goals must be aligned with those of the business. Recreate and complete the following table:
Business Goal    Performance Management
Number of customers served each day must be maximised
Create a superior hand built car

Question 4
Complete the following performance indicators for a caterer by including the competency and performance standard.
Performance Indicator
Quote for events including a 35% profit margin.

Performance Standard

Performance Indicator
Source all food from a local supplier on the day of the event

Performance Standard

Performance Indicator
Rebook 30% of functions that are catered

Performance Standard

Question 5
Produce two (2) performance indicators, competencies and performance standards for the caterer.
Question 6
What is considered to be a suitable timeframe for conducting formal appraisal meetings?
Question 7
Name and describe the type of data collection method that might be used by an organisation.
Question 8
Why is it important that the employee and the manager reach agreement at the end of the appraisal and sign off on everything that has been discussed?

Question 9
What are the appropriate organisational procedures that need to be followed to acknowledge good performance or under performance?
Question 10
Why would an organisation consider a tiered reward system?
Question 11
Recreate and complete the following table.
Common Performance Issues
Issue    Possible Cause    Actions
Employee does not undertake work as required, showing signs of apathy and laziness
Employee does not complete work tasks to the required standard
Employee is regularly absent without cause

Question 12
You are undertaking a formal appraisal meeting and there is dissention regarding the ratings that have been provided for several performance indicators. The employee believes that they should be higher than is suggested. As manager you have negotiated the following solution – instead of waiting 12 months for the next formal appraisal, one will be conducted in three months to specifically address the performance indicators in question.
What are the benefits of this negotiation?
Question 13
Unfortunately the rare circumstance has arisen whereby an employee has gone through the grievance procedure as a consequence of dissention regarding a formal appraisal and is still not satisfied with the outcome. The organisation has indicated that the next step is to contact the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Describe the role and functions of the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Question 14
What is a performance management system, its key features and its relationship to the human resources cycle?

Assessment 2
Question 1
Employees may be nervous about the implementation of a performance management system. What goals of the performance management system would you want to clarify with employees?
Question 2
There are a number of different methods that can be used to conduct a formal appraisal including: Job Description Method, The Critical Incident Method, The Essay Method, The Comparison Method and The Rating Scale Method.
Select two (2) of these methods and explain how they work.
Question 3
It is necessary to inform the shareholders of the company that a new performance management system is being used. What would be the most appropriate method of promoting the performance management system and what would be the main point you would emphasise?
Question 4
Explain the difference between training and instruction.
Question 5
What are some of the situations that might occur during an appraisal that a manager would need to have instruction on how to handle?
Question 6
List the advantages of undertaking regular and ongoing feedback of personnel performance.
Question 7
Provide an example of sandwich feedback.

Assessment 3
Question 1
What would the reasoning behind management collating all employee appraisal documentation and analysing it as a whole?
Question 2
What are some of the reasons that skills gaps may be present in an organisation?
Question 3
How would the review of patterns in skill or performance gaps influence the choice of performance development?
Question 4
Mentoring is one of the performance development options that are available to organisations. Why is it of the utmost importance to select the right employee to act as a mentor?
Question 5
Provide five (5) reasons for needing to revise policies and procedures.
Question 6
List five (5) improvements that could be made to the performance management system.
Question 7
An important technique used to suggest improvements to a performance management system is a PDCA. There are four steps to PDCA – Plan, Do, Check and Act. Indicate for each of the processes below which of the four steps it belongs to.
a)    Preparing job descriptions
b)    Ensuring that procedures and other documents are available where needed
c)    To fix an immediate problem
d)    Asking customers about their satisfaction with a product
e)    Monitoring or measuring with equipment
f)    Setting measureable objectives for the business
g)    Maintaining records of activities

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