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System Analysis

Choose a health information system that you with in your institution/organization. Analyze that system. The system I want to analyzed is the SUNRISE SYSTEM with health care at NSLIJ , patient care and in hospital
Abstract of paper
An abstract about the system to be analyze. I want the abstract in 5 days and it should be 1 page

System Review
1. Introduction
a. Overview of the Institution/Organization
Mission statement
Goals and objectives
b. System Presently Used
Overview of problems or challenges or areas to be changed
2. Basic Needs Assessment
a. Identify and describe the users
b. Gap Analysis
Current situation (brief)
Desired situation
Priorities for change
Possible solutions and growth opportunities
3. Identification of the New System
a. Name / Parent name
b. Purpose
c. Physical requirements
d. What hardware and software used?
Identify resources, resource personnel and support for the system
4. Conclusion

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