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Social Media

As a presenter next week, you have been asked to help promote the conference on social media. Before Thursday midnight, post an initial message that does both of the following: Provide a social media message appropriate for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or...

Social media.

Many people get all or most of their news from social media. For this project, we are going to be analyzing the content of several social media sites from major news sources, paying particular attention to social media standards, practices, and regulation. Where do...

Social media

What effect does social media have on the contributions of sex trafficking of teenage girls?

Brands, Strategic Function, & Social Media

In your initial post, comment on all 3 topics listed below.Favorite BrandsTell us about two or three brands you admire, and why you admire them. Is there a “brand idea” you see behind them (refer to the module on brand ideas for guidance)? What makes those...

Social media

DiscussSocial Media SWOT Analysis. 1 page . Facebook and Instagram page is dove computers.
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