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“Wealth, Poverty, and Social Class.”

Write a Response to a text of your choice from our new chapter on “Wealth, Poverty, and Social Class.” So, choose from Malthus, Gandhi, Sanger, or Menchù. Once you have picked your text, explain whether this text is based more on logos, pathos, or ethos...

Innovation Media Article

  The Exploring Innovation assignment requires you to explore innovation through technology and write an essay that should resemble a media article in style and format, based one or more related recent innovation news and publications found on the Web. You can...

Wealth, Status and Power

  You will write one of three paper options as your final paper. Select one of the following: 1)Comparing and contrasting related organizations that facilitate elite advantage 2) Evaluating for efficacy existing policies or movements to reduce stratification 3)...
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