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The following text book is written to help instruct teachers how to help children with dyslexia. The assignment is to use the text Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills FOURTH EDITION by Birsh and Carreker.
The first part is to Provide a 3/4 page summary, double spaced, for EACH of the following Four chapters:
1) chapter 5 ( Alphabet Knowledge, Allen, Neuhaus);
2) Chapter 11 (Multi-Modal Handwriting Instruction for Pencil and Technology Tools, Wolf, Berninger);
3) Chapter 14 (History and Structure of Writen English (Henry);
4) Chapter 17 (Composition: Evidence Based Instruction, Hochman).
No Additional citations required for the summaries listed above. Each summary is to be one 3/4 page stating the Chapter Title, Author, Summary of the content.
The second part of the assignment: Using Chapter 12 (Fluency in Learning to read, Garnett) write a three page paper, double spaced, including at least 2 additional sources. Paper is to include an introduction to the topic, overview of present strategies and approaches to the topic, and a final conclusion. A bibliography of sources must be included for this section only. (Page 4)
Focus on “Understanding how fluency is more than a particular stage of learning to read, being, rather, a pervasive aspect of developing skills, sub skills, and complex mult-skill performance.” Can use sources from International Dyslexia Assocation and Understood.com.

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