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the 10000 hour rule

Paper details:
do you agree with gladwells claim? research the opposing views to the 10000 hour rule theory. decide which argument is more substantial and why. Be sure to include how Gladwell and the opposition support their views. this is the topic I must discuss.

Research Paper Topics

4.   Review chapter two of Outliers .  Do you agree with Gladwell’s claim? Research the opposing views to the 10,000 hour theory.  Decide which argument is more substantial and why.  Be sure to include the how Gladwell and opposition support their views.

Requirements for Research Paper

MLA format will be used for the research paper.

Make sure you have a book with up-to-date information.


Outline—1 to 2 pages

•      Use formal Roman numeral format

Paper—6 to 10 pages

•      Introduction

•      Body

•      Conclusion

•      Ten (10) to twelve (12) size font with simple script

•      All text is double-spaced.

•      No fewer than five in-text citations (MLA format)

List of works cited—1 page

•      Use MLA format outlined in your handbook

•      List five (5) sources minimum

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