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The family in The Sound and the Fury

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Choose a topic of personal interest (family) related to the text “The Sound and the Fury” and themes of this class and compose a research paper in MLA style with appropriate argumentation, specific evidence, well-chosen quotations (with in-text citations), and critical sources accessed through the college library’s traditional or online databases.

Prove your ability to compose a research paper, assert and define a thesis, organize your ideas and evidence into an analytical argument, choose integrate and cite quotations, summarize and paraphrase significant ideas, and prepare an adequate Works Cited page with at least eight sources.

1. I need a topic sentence in the introduction paragraph, and need the thesis sentence in each paragraph.
2. The in-text citations have to come from “Vintage” edition (sold in Amazon).
3. All in-text citations only CAN be calculated in 1 REFERENCE in the Work Cited Page, and in the essay, I need the page numbers of each citations (from in-text).
4. All other citations must come from the academic passages or the “edu.”online resources.
5. This is an undergraduate-level paper, please be academic and professional.
6. The contents at the last page need at least 3/4 page.
7. Other requirements should be achieved. (masterful level, no grammar errors, clear logic…)

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