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The power of and in communication

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“How Powerful are you?
For each statement, indicate which of the following descriptions is most appropriate, using the scale below:

1=true of 20 percent or fewer of the people I know; 2=true of about 21 percent to 40 percent of the people I know; 3=true of about 41 percent to 60 percent of the people I know; 4=true of about 61 percent to 80 percent of the people I know; 5=true of 81 percent or more of the people I know.
1. My position is such that I often have to tell others what to do. For example, a mother’s position demands that she tell her children what to do, a manager’s position demands that he or she tell employees what to do, and so on.
2. People wish to be like me or identified with me. For example, high school football players may admire the former professional football player who is now their coach and want to be like him.
3. People see me as having the ability to give them what they want. For example, employers have the ability to give their employees increased pay, longer vacations, or improved working conditions.
4. People see me as having the ability to administer punishment or to withhold things they want. For example, employers have the ability to reduce voluntary overtime, shorten vacation time, or fail to improve working conditions.
5. Other people realize that I have expertise in certain areas of knowledge. For example, a doctor has expertise in medicine and so others turn to the doctor to tell them what to do. Someone knowledgeable about computers similarly possesses expertise.
6. Other people realize that I possess the communication ability to present an argument logically and persuasively.

How did you do? These statements refer to the six major types of power, as described in the text. Low scores(1s and 2s) indicates your belief that you possess little of these particular types of power, and high scores(4s and 5s) indicate your belief that you possess a great deal of these particular types of power.

What will you do? How satisfied are you with your level of power? If you’re not satisfied, what night you do about it? A good starting place, of course, is to learn the skills of communication-interpersonal, small group, and public speaking-discussed in this text. Consider the kinds of communication patterns that would help you communicate power and exert influence in group situations.”

Complete the How Powerful Are You above:
Share your results by providing your responses to the questions asked.
Based on your results, discuss the type of power you hold (Legitimate power, referent power, reward power, coercive power, expert power, information power).
Discuss your thoughts on whether or not one form of power is better than another.

This writing assignment explores the role of power in human communication
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