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The Presentation Of Kuwaiti Women In Folklore dance In Uses of Film

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You are required to create a full research plan. The written element should not exceed 4,000 words. It will be structured around the form: Registration for a research degree application form-REG, focusing on section 2 only. This form is condensed overleaf with indicative word counts. On this occasion you need to provide:

• Title.
• Aim(s).
• A non-technical overview of the research for the layperson.
• The research plan, which should include:
– The main research question(s) and theme(s);
– its relationship to previous work (literature review);
– discussion of the research methodologies and chosen methods with explanation as to why these are the most appropriate;
– schedule of work (including timetable of activities)
– list of reference arranged according to academic conventions.
• Summary of the elements of the research that are novel.
• Details of facilities available for the investigation.
• Relationship to work being carried out in a collaborating or sponsoring establishment.
• An assessment of any health & safety issues during fieldwork or laboratory testing.
• A statement on ethics if human subjects be involved in the research.

Marks will be awarded for:
• Completeness of all components of the research plan.
• Logical consistency of the research plan to achieve the aims.
• Critical justification of the methodology and methods.
• Critical integration of the literature.
• Realistic timetable

I tried to translate these informations about folklore dance

Folklore dance such as “Samri” is only a reflection of the ritual was adapted from the Africans who were brought in to work when the Senate has admitted the use of drums to bring out the exorcism and it was at first a treatmen tfor patients where they were doing in the group sessions and for women especially in the houses and bring the sick and make them dance and they believe that the exorcism is driven using a type of drums and tambourine called (Tar) and so it was the first to link music with dance as therapy and later began to be used in weddings and exciting the divers during the diver trip.

Then appeared a kind of dance called Dancing “Samri” and the Samri is a word derived from the Samar which means mirth or happiness in the participation of other quietly as was the Samari the hills and enjoy with others Pray quiet express femininity of women it should be a quiet and Accounting in steps. It is a symbolic dance that can be performed by both male and female dancers, which is for the purpose of expressing their inner feelings on the aspect of their culture. It is also one of the arts poetic and beautiful, as it is an important part of the folklore Gulf region.

In relation to ethic and representation, Samri dance represent Women’s obedience to men. The steps that are executed in the Samri dance were inspired by the steps of the camel, so when women dance their feet and steps are related to the camel’s steps. It also represents the aspect of shyness amongst women towards men; therefore, she is expected to cover her face with her Thob when dancing.

Then dance the Bedouin which expresses passionate and cruelty women or Balasah packaged deal like runaway horse that must be tamed when the girl was married off to a man and a special came she did not see or know him behave aggressively at the first night after marriage.

It is here we see and understand a lot of reasons why dance around in the Arabian Gulf and folklore Bann brackets and red lines is short:

…… It appeared as a treatment for the creatures found in the well-established religion and beliefs and minds, and the style of treatment and using music, which is taboo in religion, particularly a specific type of drums (maritime) Muharram.

Second it is linked as women and womanhood, whether by submission camel or horse and passionate man stimulates both of the disregard for the women and leave the important principle of the religion, but a gaze.

Third, the small Gulf societies and overlap in some makes it quick to pander towards the referee Aalakharan making them avoid anything that makes them the focus of judgment or point the finger exercise I mentioned even as a matter of fun with the situation differed a bit at the moment.

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