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  1. Provide descriptions on the structural and functional characteristics of the nervous system pathways that convey sensory information versus motor information. (10 pts – answer max 10 sentences)
  2. Compare and contrast the neural paths for a somatic reflex versus a visceral reflex. (10 pts – answer max 10 sentences)
  3. Explain how the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, structurally and functionally, connect the CNS to effectors. (10 pts – answer max 10 sentences)
  4. Clarify how hormones communicate with its target cell. Be sure to include in your response the influence of the hormone’s chemical nature as well as information on receptors and second messenger systems. (10 pts – answer max 10 sentences)
  5. List and describe the types of stimuli that trigger endocrine glands to synthesize and release their hormones. (10 pts – answer max 10 sentences)
  6. Discuss in detail the steps for the synthesis of the major metabolic hormone in the human body. (10 pts – answer max 10 sentences)
  7. Identify then describe the major endocrine organ and the actions of the hormones it produces to regulate blood glucose homeostasis. (10 pts – answer max 10 sentences)
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