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1. What effects can come from the camera’s control of our gaze in a film? How can the direction of our eyes
change or add to the text? Give examples.
2. Where does the 1948 Laurence Olivier adaptation shine in bringing to life the text and where does it fall
3. In the Leitch article, he brings up twelve different fallacies concerning film adaptation. Do you disagree with
any of them? Why or why not?
4. Which “to be or not to be” soliloquy version best carries the essence of the text and which do you feel takes
it in a new direction? Explain using examples.
Choose your favorite ‘to be or not to be…” soliloquy from this lesson and in a brief response (100 words
minimum) describe how the actors movements and the camera’s position help to enhance the scene.

OlegMenshikov.Ru. “Mel Gibson – Hamlet’s Soliloquy.” YouTube, YouTube, 19 Dec. 2013,
Short answer response to the required reading.
(Theater Through Adaptation)


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