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To what extent waste management influence the sustainability of development? Or in (developing) countries? Why you think waste management is important?

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You have been shown how to search the academic literature and support is
available from the Library.

Bringing together all of the knowledge you have developed over the course of the workshops, utilising the evidence
collected for these and further evidence collected by yourself, critically examine the Wikipedia article. Using the
different resource types you have collected explore how they relate to the article and its narrative. How the various
resources would impact on changes to the article to improve, or, change the article. Remember to utilise the analytic
techniques that you have been introduced to over the course of the module (though we are interested in the output from
these techniques, not how you utilised them).
The kinds of learning demonstrated here is your ability to collect relevant information, organise and evaluate that
information, and synthesise an understanding from all available evidence. Your ability to demonstrate the relative
merits of different sources of data will be critical here, not all data is equal, or equally valid.

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