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Usability Assignment on Web Accessibility
In a Microsoft Word document,  write a short essay on the importance of the Web Accessibility Initiative’s Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) and its inclusion of bridging technologies. Please mention several measures that have been proposed that would have a positive impact for today’s technology users.

To prepare for this assignment, do the following:

Research this topic and use the links to support essay.


Usability – Image Usage and Screen Readers
In a Microsoft Word document, write a short essay on proper image usage for Web graphics, and then further describe design measures to make images readily accessible to all people, including those with visual challenges.

Start the essay by describing the three key images files—JPEG, GIF, and PNG—and their specific contextual usages. Then, in the second half of the essay, describe how image alt tags help provide inclusive design for all users.

Authors write about HTML alt tags used to accompany images for the visually impaired in screen readers such as the JAWS screen reader. In addition to providing alt tags with images, what are some the key design approaches that HTML designers can use to help make Web sites more accessible to a broader range of users? Are there design approaches that were new to you or that you found particularly interesting or helpful to visitors who may come to your Web site?

To prepare for this assignment, do the following:

Research this topic and use the links to support.

Once completed, submit your error-free, APA-compliant paper for evaluation.

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