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What is the role of assessment in leadership? How should a leader use data to make decisions? Discuss how data can be misused in the name of effective leadership. In your response posts, provide examples of how you might modify your leadership style and strategy based on research and performance metrics data. Engage your peers with questions.

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The role of assessment in leadership can be very important. An assessment can benefit leadership because it can determine what the company is doing right or wrong and if the leadership is effective. There are five key steps in the operational assessment process. The first step is to gather information. This will help the leader understand the organization’s operations, strategy, strengths and weaknesses. The second step is to get feedback. Feedback can be achieved through interviews, focus groups, surveys, and workshops. Having feedback from everyone in the organization is important to seeing what is and is not working. The third step is to build a consensus. This step involves holding a meeting with stakeholders to formulate a consensus on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. It can also help determine long-term goals. The fourth step is to create an action plan. This involves determining what needs improvement so that the organization can meet its objectives. The final step is to monitor performance. This involves making sure the organization is being consistent with meeting its goals and identifying any issues in the plan and ways to help in areas of need (Jarousse, 2012).

A leader should use data to make decisions to help their organization meet its goals. The leader can take the data and determine what is and is not working within the company. If the organization is struggling in a certain area, the leader can use the data to determine what changes can be made to improve that area. On the other hand, data can be misused even through effective leadership. Data can be used unethically, by asking questions that are not suited for the organization. An effective leader may think they are being ethical, but they actually may not be.

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