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  1. Introductory paragraph – with overall comments on the WCMHS strategic plan.

Ex: WCMHS’ strategic plan addresses many aspects that are important to the HR department including staffing, human resource development, compensation, safety and health, and employee relations each of which I will address in the coming pages of this paper.

The strategic plan tries to do all of this while being realistic about the current economic situation of the organization. In times of budget cuts it is even more important to have a clear and realistic game plan or you will be set up for failure before you even begin.

Then 1-2 pages on each of the following topics, referencing the plan, our text, websites, outside research.

  1. Staffing (chapters 4-6)


Ex: “Staffing is the process through which an organization ensures that it always has the proper number of employees with the appropriate skills in the right jobs, at the right time, to achieve organizational objectives.” 2 You will not know what the needed skills are or how many people you will need to accomplish specific jobs without doing a job analysis that can include observing, questionnaires, employee interviews, and employee recordings.

Once you know what is needed to accomplish a job then you need to figure out how to get the right people in the right positions. “WCMHS is a large employer with ongoing staffing needs due to turn over and program growth” 3 The strategic plan mentions that they have a small recruitment operating budget. Knowing this; what can be done to attract and retain qualified employees?

The strategic plan mentions that “they are going to analyze data to determine the most effective advertising methods”4. They need to look at all low cost advertising methods. WCMHS could consider advertising at local community colleges that have students studying in the field who may be looking for a job. They could also consider contacting career placement centers at local colleges as many of them may post a job for an organization with no charge. To get their name out there the strategic plan mentions “participate in local public school/trade and vocational center informational/job fair events”5 Having a good working relationship with local schools can serve as a great source for new employees. Once qualified employees are hired then the organization needs to be able to retain them.

  1. HRD (chapter 8)
  2. Compensation (chapter 9, 10)
  3. Safety and Health (chapter 13)
  4. Employee relations (progressive discipline) (chapter 12)
  5. Conclusion – assessing the strengths/weaknesses of the plan, areas to work on, what HR can do to fulfill the objectives of the plan, etc.


Ex: There are many things that go into being a viable business in the present day and age. From a business perspective they clearly provide services that are much needed by the communities that they support. If they are able to expand the services that they offer it will only make them more of an asset to the communities. Knowing that from a business stance they have a strong foundation it is really HR and internal components that they need to focus on the most.

WCMHS has a lot of work to do in the next five years if their strategic plan. They have many goals set for themselves and will be on their way to accomplishing them if they stay on task. With the economy now if they are able to retain their staff and get everyone to believe in their mission statement and the vision they have for the organization then they should be successful. Hopefully at the end of this plans timeframe the organization will be even stronger and they will be able to tackle more things in the next 5 year strategic plan.

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