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PARAGRAPH 1: You study What Drives International Trade, Why the United States Imports T-Shirts, Why the United States Exports Airplanes, Gains and Losses from Imports, Gains and Losses from Exports, Tariffs, The Effects of a Tariff, Winners, Losers, and the Social Loss from a Tariff, and the Eye Ons—U.S. Exports and Imports, Who Wins and Who Loses from Globalization, and a Tariff on Softwood Lumber. So, who wins and who loses from international trade and global markets in action?

PARAGRAPH 2: In your opinion, is the minimum wage efficient, is the minimum wage fair, and if the minimum wage is so bad as the economists are saying—then why do we have it? If you work, and have had experience with the minimum wage—please share your personal thoughts about the minimum wage.

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