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  1. There are five [5] departments all situated in a row next to each other.
  2. The Finance department is directly to the right of the Human Resource department.
  3. Salia manages the Legal department.
  4. Twenty-two [22] persons work for Ndege.
  5. Jose graduated from Michigan State University.
  6. The manager who has ten [10] years experience is next to the department that has a staff of 7.
  7. Ali has eight [8] years experience.
  8. The department in the middle is managed by a Stanford graduate.
  9. The manager of the Finance department graduated from Harvard.
    10.The manager in the department next to the department with eighteen [18] subordinates has two [2] years experience.
    11.Amber manages the first department.
    12.The manager with three [3] years experience also graduated from Wayne State University.
    13.The manager in the Accounting department has two [2] years experience.
    14.The manager with three [3] years experience supervises a staff of eleven [11].
    15.Amber works next to the Marketing department.
    16.The manager who has a staff of thirteen [13] graduated from University of Michigan.
    17.The manager with five [5] years experience also graduated from Harvard.
    18.The manager that has a staff of eleven [11] works two [2] departments from the manager who has a staff of seven [7]
    • The order/sequence of the departments
    • The names of the managers of each department
    • The years of experience of each manager
    • The school from which each manager graduated
    • The span of control of each manager 1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Department
    Staff Size
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