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With reference to your own research, do you think that the ability of a business to act successfully in a socially responsible manner is mainly determined by the products it produces?

Project description
Start The essay by asking the question in the title.

Paper must have
1- compare and contrast a minimum of three large business organizations.
2- analyst the benefits and drawbacks of their approach to corporate social responsibility towards the achieving corporate aims and objectives.
3- evaluate how and why businesses use social reporting as a strategic tool to achieve their corporate aims and objectives.

Please consider the following:
1- The potential benefits of corporate social responsibility relative to the costs for businesses.
2- the importance of corporate social responsibilities relative to other corporate objective
3- the influence determining which responsibilities are accepted by a business and which are not
4- the factors that determine the extent to which a business is socially responsible
5- the value of limitation to businesses and stakeholders of social reporting
6-the extent to which governments should influence corporate social responsibilities.

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