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  1. The main research question is why women and gender inclusive are still rarely mentioned in response to COVID-19 from ASEAN region?
    The sub-research question is: as for the restructuring of ASEAN since the pandemic crisis, why women and gender is of the urgent need to be attached more importance to ASEAN regional security stability?
  2. footnotes and bibliography are all needed.
  3. Please use at least 2 kinds of international relations theories to analyze the research question in a coherent and logical structure.
  4. Critically writing and analyse of the paper. Using ASEAN as a selected region and to response the implementations applied from both was and ASEAN / WPS even WHO and U.N. about the measure in responding to virus and with regards to the policies if gendered or not mentioned and explain the reasons through IR theories in qualitative research with literature review and research methodology and discussion and analysis and conclusions to the question.
  5. Probably can think from using norms socialization and gender mainstreaming, and realism to analyze states actors and international organizations perspective and gender perspective
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