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Create a presentation that goes over many aspects of a chosen religion (Christianity), how that religion is viewed and its place in the world, and
deliver this information using a presentation program.
As you come to the close of your study of World Religions, it has become evident the past two weeks
that religions will continue to have a place on the world stage and influence in the lives of many around
the globe. In an ever-changing world environment that seems to get smaller every day, nations are
discovering along the way that it is harder and harder to stay isolated from one another. In our study of
World Religions, if there is one thing that that stands out above the rest, it is the notion that our world
faces numerous global issues that demand attention and solutions for the betterment of all of the
world. Could it be, given the historical nature of World Religions, that working together instead of in
conflict with one another, that the world’s major religions could provide real-life, world-changing
solutions that would pave the way for the betterment of humankind across the world? That is not to say
it would be easy, but the benefits could be enormous for providing solutions to the Global Issues we
face today.
It is with that thought in mind that for your Week 7 Presentation: My Favorite World World Religion,
you are being asked to develop a multi-media presentation representing what has become for you over
this course, My Favorite World Religion. The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate
effective research skills in the development of a multi-media presentation that will highlight the study of
your favorite religion and expand upon its place on the world’s stage of religions.
You will need to include the following in your presentation:
• A brief Introduction of your favorite religion and the reasons why you have selected to research
• Provide a brief historical study and background information about your religion that will include:

  1. The founder of the religion
  2. The date of the religion
  3. The geographical location and the role geography plays in the religion
  4. Provide current demographical information about your religion
    • Detail and discuss the major components of this religion’s belief system.
  5. The nature of a god or supreme being
  6. Identify and define major rituals
  7. Discuss views of the afterlife
  8. Detail any worship practices and places of worship or no places
    • Detail and discuss the contemporary application of the religion in the world today
  9. Highlight mission and services they provide to local communities
  10. Highlight how this religion may be working with other religions to address world issues
  11. What are those issues and how are they addressing them?
    • Project the future of your favorite religion
  12. For the growth of it in the United States
  13. For the growth of it on the world’s stage
    • Conclusion
  14. Summarize your findings
  15. Re-iterate why it is your favorite religion
    • Include MLA citations and a Works Cited Page to identify your resources. Use in-text citations
    directly on your slide to identify your resources and avoid plagiarism
    • Review the Grading Rubric in advance so that you will have a good idea of the expectations for
    the presentation.
    Presentation Formats:
    • Your presentation can be in the form of any of the following formats of your choosing.
    • Your presentation should not exceed 15 slides including your Title and Works Cited pages.
    • You will want to maximize your creativity and demonstration of the use of technology and the
    • Please ensure that your presentation is accessible by your instructor and the class by either
    uploading or linking to your project. Here are some free, online format suggestions:
    • Prezi.com
    • an Infographic (visit “10 Free Tools for Creating Infographics” to gather ideas)
    • Storybook software like Storybird
    • A website like Google Sites
    • PowerPoint
    • Audio Voice-Over
    • Use of text
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