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Written Project based on an act of goodness, doing "the Right thing". What is the right thing to do.

For this research project, first define what is "good" referring to the one of the reading from Kafka’s "Metamorphosis", Nietzsche, John Rawls Theory of Justice. How do you determine a "good" act or "the right thing to do". Does it involve free will, the freedom of an individual to pursue his fullest potential? Do it mean sacrificing your time money, or pride to help someone? should it be done without guilt, fear or anxiety? When you define the right thing relate it to one of the listed readings. you must also do outside research to strengthen your points.
Also for that project we were required to do the voluntary work and include it into our project as example of "good" or "the right thing to do". I?m a karate instructor and teach kids from 4 years old and up. i used this as my voluntary work, and defined it as a "good" or "the right thing to do" because i help little kids get confidence, self-esteem, become more focused, respect of the parents, stay out of the trouble and etc. i spent my time on that, and I did not do it with fear or guilt.
All i want in that project is to define "good" or "right thing to do" with relation to listed readings and also include my voluntary work as an example of goodness.
Dont forget to include my voluntary experience its required and you have to talk about it a little bit, on how it benefits society

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