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As you begin working on the project milestones, you will be assigned to a team of three to four. The Team Charter is an instrument to communicate and document your expectations early on. It is also your first milestone.

You and the other members of your team will decide on the times and dates you will meet; the rules and expectations of the group, as well as a code of ethics going forward into the case study. The team charter is part of the overall grade for the course project. Below is a detailed description of this charter which is due at the end of Module 1. Your submission must include all six parts outlined below.

Company or Team Name – Come up with a team name to give the team an identity. You are encouraged to think of a logo for your team as well. This is something that you can then use in your future deliverables.
Team Directory – Create a table with borders containing the following contact information
The names of the team members
The team members’ real telephone numbers
The team members’ real email addresses
Meeting Schedule – Create a table with borders containing the following information.
Specific dates and times the members will meet as a group to work on the team project
The method of communication (e.g., telephone, chat, etc.) for each meeting
All teams are required to use the Chat tool at least once during the course.
A List of Team Rules and Expectations –
Describe the process the team will use to resolve conflicts.
Describe what the team will do with a member that misses more than one meeting.
Describe what the team will do with a member that is not contributing equally to the team’s deliverables.
Each member of the team should agree to these rules.
A Code of Ethics – A project team has a responsibility to itself and to its client. Discuss the values the team members believe are important. Then develop a statement o

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