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Privacy Policy

Our company aims at building and maintaining a strong and trustworthy relationship with our clients and that is why we have come up with a strict privacy policy that is supposed to make you aware of what you are getting into. At Scholarlydissertations.com we care about tour clients’ confidentiality regarding their personal information with us. Our privacy measures are outlined below:


  1. Only relevant information concerning the clients Internet Protocol (IP) address, the internet browser and the times the customer visits the website is stored for security purposes of the website.
  2. We record details such as your order placements, time of submission of the paper and the feedback given by you regarding our services for the purpose of continuous quality maintenance and improvement.
  3. Information regarding the type of instructions and the writing format given by client is recorded for future reference during writing of the paper or assignment. No information is shared to any person outside our company.
  4. Our company guarantees 100% free plagiarized paper. Thesis, dissertations, reports, essays and any other assignment given to us will be of unique and new content that has never been presented in any other place in the past or be presented to any other person in the future.
  5. As far as our policy is concerned, cookies of the web browser used by clients will only have information regarding the website visited by the clients and not store any personal information. Our record for keeping cookies is mainly stored to determine the most frequently visited pages on the website by users.
  6. The system of payment in our company is very secure, safe, faster and effective during transactions of orders placed. All the information about the credit card is converted into in a code language and cached into a temporary server. As soon as all the transactions have taken place and been completed, all the information regarding the transaction is deleted.


Scholarlydissertations.com holds the rights to make any changes or add any important information that may arise whenever it reckons necessary. Keep frequently visiting our privacy policy page to remain updated with any changes made.

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