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Our Guarantees

Scholarlydissertations.com offers a guarantee in terms of the following:


  • On time delivery of papers


Time is the most important factor in any of our writer’s mind. We guarantee you that our writers will work within the deadline to deliver your paper. After completion of the paper, it will be delivered to you immediately without fail.


  • Non-plagiarized papers


Plagiarism is an offense that is highly punishable by institutions. Our writers begin from    scratch and any paper provided to them is carefully read and they internalize the      concept. By reading the work first they are able to understand what they are supposed to write hence the chances of plagiarism occurring will be zero. Therefore you can be sure  of the originality of the paper provided by our writers.


  • Revision of the paper


Clients have the right to ask for revisions if they are not satisfied with the work done. The revision of the paper will be done till your expectations are met.


  • Refund of money


Getting value for your money is the best thing you can ever receive from a company offering you services.Scholarlydissertations.com guarantees 100% refund of your money if the services delivered are not of quality. You can claim a refund if your paper was never delivered within the time specified and also if the paper received doesn’t meet your description given during the order process.


  • Client confidentiality


Scholarlydissertations.com provides clients with privacy and confidentiality policy that ensures no information will be disclosed to any third party. We guarantee that we will abide by our privacy policy to avoid issues that you feel may endanger your well being.


  • Complete Ownership of papers

We provide clients with complete ownership rights of your paper. No written paper delivered to you will be used by us in future. After the delivery of your paper, no database will be maintained hence there would be no resell of your paper to any other client.


  • Secure and safe browsing


In order to maintain our customers trust, we guarantee that our website is completely protected from harmful viruses and hackers.

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