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  1. Explanation on the identification of stereotypes in a culture that leads to a negative perception
  2. Explanation on the impact of negative perception leading to discriminatory behavior
  3. Explanation of the perceived notion of discrimination escalating to lack of conversation and change
  4. The description of the beauty of grasping cultural identity to solving the problem

B. Importance of Anthropologists to Understanding Cultural Diversity

  1. Defining concepts of human culture that inform decision making
  2. Categorization of the impact of poor and right decision making derived from cultural practices in minorities

C. Conclusive Investigative Anthropology

  1. Definition of ethnography in the context of identity – immigrant community
  2. Explanation of essential characteristics at looking through the perspective of the culture hence sensitivity to specific needs within it

D. Cultural Connections and Their Impact

  1. Explanation of consent and what it entails before study
  2. Description of how questions are answered to inquisitors form the culture of focus
  3. Explanation on the importance of stakeholder participation and feedback

E. Choosing a Perspective in Problem Solving

  1. Give examples of perception of the minorities and implication to the immigration issues
  2. Description of socio-political issues that led to the negative and positive perception around this community

F. Predictability through Anthropology

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