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  1. Create “MyDB” database and construct three Access Database Tables that contain the following Fields and Records:



StuID Fname Lname Present Test1Score
9007 JOHN JOHN YES 100
008 John ME YES 100
001 Mary We No 100
004 You See No 100
005 Okay Thanks Yes 100

Emplid Fname Lname
Phone# STUID
005 That Stop 8888 008
102 That Stop 900 001
300 Go Under 809 004
304 Come Table 200 005

  1. Create a form on table Student and name it studentform.
  2. Create a form on table Instructor and name it ISform.
  3. Create a Report on table Student and name it studentReport.
  4. Create a query that finds students whose instructor’s is That Stop
  5. Optional: Add additional Querry.
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