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How Do You Adapt/Cope with Stress?

People adapt to or cope with stress in a variety of ways. Individuals tend to use their personal adaptation/coping styles fairly consistently, across situations. Which of the following is consistent with your style? Circle the question numbers that are true of you.

In the face of stressful situations, I tend to…..

Take some kind of action to try to solve the problem
Try to strategize about possible actions to take
Take time to consider my options and do some planning
Make myself wait for an opportune time to do something about it
Find out what other people would do in a similar situation
Talk to and get emotional support from others about my problem
Try to focus on the positive aspects of what is happening
Accept what is happening and learn to live with it
Seek guidance from God or my higher power
Get upset and vent my emotions
Deny a problem exists and refuse to believe it is happening
Give up trying to get what I want
Try to take my mind off the problem by turning to work or other activities
Use alcohol or other drugs to avoid thinking about the problem
Indulge myself by means of food, drugs, spending money, etc.
Discuss which one you chose, do you feel that it is the best way? What might be a better method?

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