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Using this information, you should describe and justify one adaptation to the nervous system that this organism would have to inhabit Proxima c. This analysis should include the following:
• Description of the physiology of the human nervous system (using your textbook as a primary information source).
• An explanation of how the environment of Proxima c may affect the functioning of the human nervous system.
• Propose an adaptation to the human nervous system the Proxima c humanoid would have to compensate for the environment.
o The adaptation can be based on changes in a human organ to make it work more efficiently on Proxima c or can be an organ that is not found in the human nervous system.
• The proposal should include justification as to why that particular adaption would benefit the humanoid more than any other adaptation to the nervous system.
o Justifications should be based on known scientific principles and research.
• Describe how this change or new organ would enable the humanoid to function better on this planet than on Earth.
• Use reliable sources and identify the relevant information used for your analysis and justification.

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